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Explore Knole Park, Kent's last medieval deer park.

There are so many hidden treasures to discover and over 1,000 acres to roam, not to mention glimpsing the majestic herd of more than 350 wild deer.

It seems that there is already a fight beginning to take shape over who should handle Paul’s money. 6th print edition of Star magazine Paul’s parents believe that they should be in charge because they know how their son would want them to proceed.

Rebecca Mc Brain is the mother of Paul’s daughter, Meadow and she seems to think that she should have a say in how his assets are divided.

It’s pretty clear that Rebecca is aiming to make sure that her daughter is taken care of for the rest of her life and if she herself should benefit too, well so be it.

At the time of his death Paul had been dating Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell for years and she too, thinks that she should have a say in Paul’s money matters.

But what I have found is that there is a wide gap between people who are genuinely in need of your assistance who deserve it..

If you are interested in volunteering at Knole, come along to a free coffee morning to find out more and meet our friendly team.

You'll be able to discover what opportunities are available and talk to some of our volunteers.

It just looks like everyone is trying to get their hands on a piece of the pot and the man hasn’t even been dead a full month.

What I’d like to cover here is a much wider look at this topic.

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