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Its origins are attributable to these three philosophers especially to Aristotle in his treatise on scientific inquiry.

Although it has been said that: “The scientist merely explores that which exists, while the engineer creates what has never existed before.'' Theodore Von Kármán (1957).

The citation of literary and documentary sources (e.g., letters, previous authors, notebooks, etc.) occurs more often in biographies that deal with subjects dating to long before the author’s lifetime.

The biographer Suetonius, for example, cites far more literary and documentary sources in his What is interesting about biographies dealing with subjects dating close to the author’s own lifetime, however, is that they tend to include more citations of the author’s own eyewitness experiences, as well as discussion of his oral sources.

Last week the ISAW Library unveiled its contribution to the current ISAW exhibition Time and Cosmos in Greco-Roman Antiquity.

Located on the second floor of ISAW, the small library exhibition showcases materials related to ancient timekeeping, with a particular emphasis on the Antikythera mechanism and Athens’ Tower of the Winds.

Though the general rules of volleyball still apply, players instead compete on slightly smaller sand courts while wearing, well, maybe it's better not to let the kids watch this event, if you catch our drift. It's 2016 and we condone an event where two people repeatedly bludgeon each other until either one of them collapses or a referee is forced to intervene?

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", part I of the (English-language) interview with Professor David H. You can see the threats and attacks possible if White plays inaccurately. I like it.: Gotta love the games of Greco, whether they were actually played or composed by him there's no denying their instructiveness and fun.

Li from Washington DC - who pretends that Chinese Chess is superior to our mainstream chess, please read "Give up Western Chess ...! At least the wide-spread training in Chinese Chess that is common among kids in China may be the reason for the remarkable success of Chinese players on the international stage of mainstream chess these days, the foregoing point has been made by Professor David H. I won the other night with the Falkbeer, even though I didn't understand it! The fact that Black's play looks worse than it is sits fine with me. Qe2 and then 8.d3 looks good for White, but still no problems for Black.

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