Sedating animals

We think a smooth euthanasia looks like a smooth surgical induction, don’t we? No one should have to see someone they love go from conscious to unconscious that fast. Now imagine that it wasn’t unconsciousness – imagine it was death. I know, because they call me for help after they have had “a bad experience”. They won’t go back to their last veterinarian because it wasn’t used.Sedation has the secondary effect of calming the owner. The pet is asleep and the owner has a little bit of their burden removed.

Not one of these objections has anything to do with the owner or the pet!

While it would be nice if every dog sat quietly without wriggling, twitching, scratching, whining or howling during a haircut, that's simply not the case. Give your dog the food and make sure it eats all of it. Continue to pet your dog until it reaches the desired stage of sedation.

New places like a grooming salon are often a source of anxiety for dogs.

Scientists used sedatives to free an endangered right whale entangled in rope off Florida's Atlantic Coast.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says it's the first time sedatives were used successfully to free an entangled whale.

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