Updating windows xp service pack 1

The ISO is provided for system administrators who have to distribute the Service Pack to several computers, and home users who want to update more than one system, for instance their own and their parent's computer.

There should not be a problem however to distribute the executable version of the service pack to multiple computers as well as long as they are all using the same language version.

Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 for Windows XP.

Is SP3 going to make my XP machine run faster and jump higher? In addition to all of these patches and hotfixes, Windows XP SP3 also includes a few new features.If you are a Windows XP user; if you use the Home Edition, Tablet PC Edition, Professional Edition or the Media Center Edition; and you intend to continue to use this OS, then you need the Windows XP SP3 even if you have been downloading and installing patches as they were released.If you have failed to keep up to date with the latest XP patches, and if you have not installed SP1 or SP2 then you will need to install at least Windows XP SP1 before you try to install the Windows XP SP3.The main issue is the Microsoft Management Console 3.0, directly brought in from Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, to give a complete suite of administrative tools in order to manage networks, services and computers of every kind.Stability is one of the main characteristics of this Windows version, so in order not to alter that, this pack has not touched general system elements.

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But, on the other hand, it really enhances the management of networks thanks to NAP, for Network Access Protection, which is a technology developed by Microsoft to control the different accesses depending on the health of the system.

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