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The account's bio also says "#White Identity." As the Southern Poverty Law Center noted, members of the racist “alt-right” movement have been claiming “that ‘white identity’ is under attack by multicultural forces using ‘political correctness’ and ‘social justice’ to undermine white people and ‘their’ civilization.” @Trump Train No Brk responded to a Buzz Feed reporter noting that Conway had just retweeted “a white nationalist” by writing, “#White Identity is a right, not bigotry, despite how much Marxists like you hate it.” @Trump Train No Brk has repeatedly tweeted or retweeted white nationalist themes about Jewish people, African-Americans, and “white genocide.” The account claimed: “By far the angriest, most aggressive tweets I get are from low-IQ black women... The use of the phrase “white supremacy” is ubiquitous in American political discourse. Primarily, the election of Barack Obama and the United States’ changing racial demographics have created a reactionary backlash from white conservatives.Conservatives use extreme caricatures of white supremacy in order to deflect and protect themselves from charges that the contemporary Republican Party is a white identity organization fueled by white racial resentment.Liberals, progressives and anti-racists use the phrase “white supremacy” to describe the overt and subtle racist practices of movement conservatism in the post-Civil Rights era, and how American society is still structured around maintaining and protecting white privilege.Chappelle did not show up shoot the scene in which Clayton Bigsby gives his speech.He instead appeared on Howard Stern's radio show and sat with Stern for hours.Trump has also appointed officials who are popular among members of the movement, including senior adviser Stephen Bannon.The courtship has had its desired effect with white nationalist media: They have heavily defended Trump and his policies and harassed journalists who have questioned the president.

“Stop Normalizing The Alt Right” became available on Google Chrome on Nov. So far, it has already amassed more than 59,000 direct Facebook shares and 1,700 downloads.“I don’t want this term to be sugar coated, I want it to instantly make [people] recoil in the same way most recoil when thinking of white supremacists or white nationalists groups,” Zola told Huff Post.

White supremacy is referenced in relation to specific news events as well.

For example, the murder rampage by the neo-Nazi Frazier Glenn Miller, the recent weeks-long debate between pundits Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jonathan Chait about “black pathology”; birtherism; stand-your-ground laws; and the open embrace of the symbols and rhetoric of the old slave-holding Confederacy by the Republican Party have been framed and discussed in terms of white supremacy.

Kellyanne Conway, who serves as one of President Donald Trump’s main media surrogates, tweeted -- and subsequently deleted -- a Valentine’s Day message to a white nationalist Twitter account that has posted anti-Semitic and racist messages.

Conway’s message is yet another example of the Trump team sending a nod to its supporters in white nationalist media.

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A necessary first step in that direction requires the development of a more detailed and transparent exploration of the concept known as "white supremacy."What is white supremacy? The Transatlantic slave trade was pivotal for the invention of race by creating a sense of group stigma and a belief in the concrete biological differences between white Europeans and Africans.

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